The 3nd Rassam International Short Film Festival
Focused on Holy defense and Resistance


The holy defense organization of arts and cinematic affairs aims to project the culture of sacrifice and resistance against global oppression and reflect a cinema of heroism and noble pursuits by holding the first international short film festival of holy defense and resistance “Rassam”, with a distinctive approach towards the defenders of the nation and the defenders of the Holy Shrine in Islamic countries.
180 second films
Fiction films from 60 seconds to 30 minutes
Documentaries up to 60 minutes
Animations from 60 seconds to 30 minutes
Music video
Festival agenda
Submission deadline: Februrary 19, 2020
Announcement of approved entries: April 18, 2020
Festival opening: May 25, 2020
Festival themes and subject
Resistance against oppression and global imperialism
Defenders of the Holy Shrine, the pioneers of protecting Islamic countries
Sacrifice and persistence by the Islamic nation
Including 180 second films, fiction films, documentaries, animations and music videos; 
The jury will present the awards for each section in the following manner:
Festival trophy and honorary diploma as well as a cash prize for the best short film
Honorary diploma and a cash prize for the second-best short film
Festival trophy and honorary diploma as well as a cash prize for the best documentary film
Festival trophy and honorary diploma as well as a cash prize for the best animation
Honorary diploma for the best music video
All submissions from filmmakers, institutions, public organizations and private producers are accepted.
All short films made since 2018 running from 180 seconds to 30 minutes can participate in the festival
Participants need to read the technical regulations 
Registration is only possible online and through this link
Films that do not meet technical standards will be disapproved. 
The festival will not be held accountable for any possible damages to the submitted material upon delivery
Technical conditions
Full HD-HDV and DV submissions must be presented via a download link to the festival secretariat in the following formats: 
MOV (H.264)
MPEG 4 (H.264)
Useful contacts:
WhatsApp: +393473009354
Online submission: